I Am Jonas

Spilletid: Fredag 03.08.18 kl. 21:00-22:00

"I Am Jonas" er et Københavns baseret engelsksproget Poet/PostRock/Cinematic/Indie Band, med rødder fra Sydafrikas strandbred til Lollands mørke muld.

It’s a state of mind
A capsulation
A drug influenced romance
Where beauty fights with love
and sorrow lurks in the shadows

In a cage to small and feathers vaporized
A flightless bird sits naked, waiting

When you’re lost in the woods
But sees that dusk has come to your escape
And you walk through endless fields of winter
Pass over the creaking frozen creeks

Just to find what ever you find on the other side
I Am Jonas
I Am Jonas:
Bondo:  Guitar, Vokal Melodika
Ricard:  Piano, Synthesizerl
Jonas:  Trommer

I Am Jonas

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